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Why choose H96MAX X3 TV box android 9.0 smart tv box

Published by May 07,2024

This article mainly introduces the main features of the H96MAX X3 TV box android 9.0, and provides you with a more detailed information to help you reduce some confusion when purchasing the H96MAX X3 TV box android 9.0. After reading the following content, you will know why the Android TV box chooses H96MAX X3 tv box android 9.0.


H96MAX X3 TV box android 9.0 supports 8K resolution





  • display effect. The details of the 8k picture are very clear, and the pictures with color-transmitting effects such as smoke and dust are also very realistic, giving people an immersive feeling, as if everything is alive in front of them. No pixels are visible on the panel, it's very sharp.
  •  Resolution. The resolution of 4K is 3840*2160px, and the resolution of 8k is 7680*4320px. Watching a Blu-ray movie with an 8K TV box only takes up one-sixteenth of the screen.

Basic application of smart box H96MAX X3 TV box android 9.0




  • H96 Max X3 tv box android 9.0 adopts a simple UI, which is very convenient for the elderly and children. Pre-installed popular mainstream applications. You can also install as many Android apps as you want.
  • Wireless mobile phone with the same screen, the wonderful one-click sharing of the mobile phone and the box connected to the same wifi allows you to push the pictures and videos from the mobile phone to the TV screen.
  • The Amlogic S905X3 chip of H96MAX X3 tv box android 9.0 supports games, and sometimes a small TV box may be a game console. bring you more happiness.