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Three Differences Between Ott TV Box And IPTV TV Box--H96

Published by May 07,2024

What is the difference between Ott TV Box and IPTV TV Box? It is believed that many home users will encounter this problem in the process of using TV. First of all, it needs to be clear that for smart TV, Ott and IPTV are both an operation form of content resources, and the two forms can coexist on the same TV screen, and there is no alternative.


1、Concept of OTT TV Box and IPTV TV Box


IPTV, an interactive network TV, is a new technology that uses broadband cable TV network, integrates Internet, multimedia, communication and other technologies, and provides family users with a variety of interactive services, including digital TV. Users can enjoy IPTV services at home. IPTV is different from both traditional analog cable TV and classical digital TV, because both traditional analog TV and classical digital TV have the characteristics of frequency division, timing, one-way broadcasting and so on. Although classical digital TV has many technological innovations compared with analog TV, it is only the change of signal form, and does not touch the transmission mode of media content.

Ott is the abbreviation of over the top, which comes from sports such as basketball. It means "over the top pass", which means that basketball players pass back and forth over their heads to reach their destination. Now it refers to providing various application services to users through the Internet. This kind of service is provided by third parties other than operators. Many service providers provide services and billing directly to users, making operators become a simple "transmission pipeline".



2、Internet of OTT TV Box and IPTV TV Box


The transmission of IPTV TV box content is based on the private network built by telecom operators, and the initial investment is large, but for users, the network bandwidth and video quality are guaranteed.

The transmission of Ott TV box only needs ordinary public broadband Internet as the foundation, and a certain bandwidth is required to ensure the quality of video service. In the next few years, the significant improvement of broadband Internet bandwidth by optical network will ensure the video quality of Ott TV box and even HD Ott TV box to a great extent.


3、Terminal of OTT TV Box and IPTV TV Box


IPTV is more inclined to TV or set-top box + TV screen, while Ott TV box is not limited to TV, but also can be oriented to smart phone terminals of pad, Android and IOS systems, which can realize multi screen interactive mode.

The terminal of IPTV is STB + ordinary home TV collected by operators. As IPTV set-top boxes are generally presented by operators when users handle business, the cost is low, and they need to cooperate with IPTV private network, so their openness and operability are limited, and most of them are non intelligent set-top boxes.

The terminal of Ott TV is Ott TV box + display screen, and the OTT TV box can even be placed in the TV. At present, the more popular mainstream OTT TV box is basically the cooperation between hardware manufacturers and seven licensees who have obtained licenses to launch intelligent OTT TV boxes bound with services and hardware.





With the continuous improvement of Ott operating system and the strengthening of the breadth and depth of Ott content resources through the Internet (mobile Internet), the dissemination of Ott TV box content resources is becoming more and more common and cheap. We believe that Ott TV box will become the most important form of TV content operation in the future.