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It's easy to choose the H96Max Android TV media box

Published by May 07,2024

Are you still troubled and hesitant about which Android TV box to buy? Friends who have purchased H96Max Android TV media box will know that our Android TV boxes have different specifications in terms of memory and remote control, so as to meet the different needs of different customers.






If you are a big game lover, or frequently download software, etc., I recommend you to buy H96Max Android TV box with 8GB RAM/128GB ROM, such as H96Max RK3566 media box or H96Max X3 media box , or even our latest product H96Max  V58 media box, in my opinion, is arguably the most worthy option right now!


Ultra HD Video





Most TVs now support 4K high-definition video output, but in fact, some friends like 8K ultra-high-definition video output, so their home TVs even support 8K. If you want to have a more extreme viewing experience, I certainly recommend you to buy the H96Max Android TV box that supports 8K. Who doesn't want to have an immersive feeling when watching movies? In other words, when playing games, apart from your own game operation skills, do you have an excellent gaming experience? Here I have to mention the H96Max V58 media box again, it is really versatile.


Remote control

Our remotes are available in two versions: Bluetooth remote and IR remote. This is also configured according to your different needs. The convenience of the Bluetooth remote control is that it can be remotely controlled within a certain range. It is not necessary to accurately lock the Android TV box, and the infrared remote control needs to lock the Android TV media box.