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Google Certified HAKOMINI S905Y4 VS Other Android TV Smart Boxes

Published by May 07,2024

Dear friends, this article is mainly to share the unique advantages of HAKOMINI S905Y4 compared to other Android TV boxes. If you are interested, please contact us for more details.



  • Netflix 4K

As mentioned above, it has passed Netflix certification, so you can watching 4K movie programs on Netflix app with this Google certified TV box.






  • The TV version of the Android TV smartbox supports multi-directional switching of channels without being stuck

This TV box supports the TV version, which can be smoothly switched up, down, left and right when switching channels. Some specific channels also support the direct function, such as Disney+, which can be directly clicked to enter and save time.

  • Support adding Dolby sound effects in the customized version

Speaking of Dolby sound, this HAKOMINI S905Y4 Google-certified Android smartbox can be customized according to your needs. If you want to add Dolby sound to the HAKOMINI S905Y4 smartbox, you can feel free to find us H96MAX Android Customized by smart TV box manufacturers.





  • Genuine 4K blockbuster, guaranteed picture quality

Unlike other models of Android TV boxes, this HAKOMINI S905Y4 guarantees an absolute 4K source. That is to say, HAKOMINI S905Y4 will not support 4k like other TV boxes but can only reach 1080p.HAKOMINI S905Y4, a smartbox with rich 4K film sources, supports remote control to switch at any time.

  •  Support Disney+

I believe many people know that most of Disney+’s movie sources are paid to watch, and not all Android TV boxes support Disney+ software, which is fully supported by our HAKOMINI S905Y4, which provides you with more While providing comprehensive viewing services, it also brings you more choices.





  • DDR4 brings you an absolute high-quality experience

HAKOMINI S905Y4 Google Certified smartbox android tv with DDR4 brings you super fast speed and excellent quality enjoyment, what are you still hesitating about? Feel free to contact us.