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4GB set top box H96 Max is so strong! Surprised after reading

Published by May 07,2024



H96 Max 4G set top box

Usually we buy TV boxes and just watch TV and watch videos. In fact, there are many interesting and practical functions that everyone ignores. Learn about these functions of H96 Max to let you play smart TV set-topboxes!




Wireless projection screen

Internet TV boxes generally support the three protocols AirPlay, DLNA and Miracast. Taking the AirPlay protocol of iOS devices as an example, slide up from the bottom of the phone screen to open the control center, click "AirPlay mirror" to find the corresponding Internet TV box to connect At this time, the TV will directly display the contents of the mobile phone and share photos and videos with family members.



Voice search

H96 Max has a voice search function, and the performance of voice control is constantly being enhanced. It can basically achieve the degree of what you want, say what, realize what, and even some can support dialect, adjust the playback progress and volume .  



Voice search opens

Fast forward operation by voice

The control range of the box through voice is still relatively small. For example, it can search the content of the built-in video platform of the box. Some boxes equipped with artificial intelligence voice operating systems can also display the content of third-party video apps in the search results. However, the recognition level of the Samsung Bixby voice assistant must not be reached.      



Bluetooth connection

External audio via Bluetooth

The Bluetooth function is basically the standard configuration of the Internet TV box. With it, you can wirelessly connect gamepads, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers and other devices, such as watching TV when you ca n’t sleep late at night. At this time, you will worry that the sound of the TV will greatly affect the rest of your family. You do n’t need to consider these issues when you use a Bluetooth headset to pair with the TV box.


H96-Max-Smart set-top box



 The above are some practical functions of the smart TV box, don't ignore their existence. At the same time, if you want a smart TV or smart TV box to be more fun, you can obtain a large number of exclusive large-screen applications by installing the Dangbei market. It can satisfy you no matter watching live broadcast, playing games, or what you want!