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Congratulations!Passed ISO ( 9001) authentication For Better Service

Published by May 07,2024

Our company, shenzhen haochuangyi technology Co.,Ltd  are the original manufacturer of H96 brand set-top boxes Shenzhen haochuangyi technology Co.,Ltd have grown from a small step in the industry nine years ago to a medium-sized enterprise with more than 100 employees and our own independent factory. The factory shenzhen haochuangyi technology Co.,Ltd not only provides production services for its own company, but also provides OEM services for other foreign trade companies, are constantly growing with down-to-earth and sincere services.

While shenzhen haochuangyi technology Co.,Ltd continues to develop, we have never given up the quality certification of our products. Before each new product goes on the market, our shenzhen haochuangyi technology Co.,Ltd will conduct various product certification. In order to make customers more believe in the strength of our factory, our company shenzhen haochuangyi technology Co.,Ltd finally passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification this year through continuous efforts and control over the production management of the factory, and successfully obtained the certificate.



Shenzhen haochuangyi technology Co.,Ltd also promise that in the future development of the company, we will continue to serve new and old customers by adhering to the principle of "original intention, customer first". Shenzhen haochuangyi technology Co.,Ltd will also continue to develop our own advantages and make up for our shortcomings, and constantly improve the service quality and product quality.